just because.

Well, I already fell short of my goal to write at least one blog post a week. But I do have somewhat decent reasons. All last week was Christmas in January, I’ve been busy volunteering my mad, mad, super-fly, D-zign skilz for Lost Our Home Pet Foundation, AND I’ve been sick. Again. (In case you’re all ‘WTF?’ about Christmas in January, posts will be coming soon.)
But enough with the excuses.

I had an idea tonight. I suddenly got the urge to illustrate my Boston Terrier, Amy. So I did:

Boston Industries logo, © nica scott

What’s Boston Industries? I have no idea. Maybe it’s the name the company I will own someday with thousands of Boston Terriers trained to make cute little Boston Terrier stickers, take them into space, cover the surface of the moon and then assist me with world domination. Or maybe I made it just because.