Blog love

My favorite blogs:

BAM! – Personal blog of Aaron Bleyaert. There is a 99.9% chance that this blog will make me laugh with every new post. Bley has been blogging for Conan O’Brien for years and currently runs things at the new Team Coco site.

Crafting a Green World – If you love crafts and recycling, you will LOVE this blog. They have the best projects and tutorials for green crafting. I often find inspiration there.

Hello my name is Heather – Fabric designer, Heather Bailey’s personal blog. This beautiful blog is filled with gorgeous photography, crafty ideas and fun tutorials. You can purchase her amazing designs at Oh, and I just happen to work for Heather. 😉

How about Orange – Fun & crafty blog from graphic designer Jessica Jones. Jam packed with tutorials, freebies and lots and lots of orange.

Hyperbole and a Half – This. blog. is. hilarious. The pictures alone are so adorable and funny, I lose it just looking at them. Add to that Allie’s amazing storytelling talents and the result is one hell of an entertaining blog.

i am baker – This is one delicious blog run by Anna Hoban. Post after post of scrumptious photography of mouth-watering goodies leaves you feeling hungry, yet inspired.

moderncat – The blog where cat + stylish owner + beautiful design = happily ever after. Blog creator Kate Benjamin tracks down the best modern designs for cats and their owners and also runs a related blog called Catio Showcase. You can also check out Kate’s own handcrafted designs at her moderncat studio etsy shop.

Playful Factory – This blog is a playground, literally. If you have a love for toys or toy design, you must visit this blog. Creator Collin Smith was a fellow industrial design student at ASU and graduated a year before me.

Vox Felina – Feral cat hero & blogger Peter Wolf discusses the controversies surrounding feral/free-roaming cats and trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs.

WWdN: In Exile – Wil Wheaton’s personal blog. He’s hilarious and a very talented writer. And in case you didn’t know, he also played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek:The Next Generation. YES, I am a Trekkie.

What are your favorite blogs? Leave a comment and I’ll check them out.



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