Ignited by Phoenicians

I was lit on fire. Not in the stop, drop & roll sense. But more in the holy-crap-I-really-wanna-DO-STUFF sense. Ignite Phoenix is billed as “an information exchange for fostering and inspiring Phoenix’s creative community” and it is truly one of the most inspirational, entertaining & educational events I’ve ever attended. It’s very much like a one-night, mini, TED Talks convention. (NOTE: If you haven’t heard of TED Talks, quit reading this blog immediately and do your uninspired soul a huge favor: watch some jaw dropping videos now. Just don’t forget to come back later.) Except instead of the typical 18 minute TED presentation, Ignite Phoenix gathers up 18 passionate speakers and packs them into one crazy-fun night.


ME: Yes. 18, I say.

Each speaker gets 20 slides and only 5 minutes to talk about the things that get them out of bed each morning, all with the goal of fanning the flames in others. Topics range from the love of fast food, to restoring Route 66, and from choir geeks to Japanese music. And those were only 4 of the 18 topics presented when I attended.

Their next event, Ignite Phoenix After Hours, is an uncensored, adults only version, which comes complete with a line up of taboo topics. The night of naughtiness starts at 7PM at the Radius Nightclub in Scottsdale on Friday, July 29th. The list of presenters has already been released and tickets are on sale now.

However, if you’re a timid kitten, and this unrated event seems too much for you, don’t let it scare you away from the next Ignite Phoenix event in October.

Be inspired. Get ignited.



  1. Geez, it is now 2012 and i missed IPAH! But i will do my best to be at the next one. Sounds so interesting.(everyone one is aTwitter re; dick crocheting!)



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