Playing catch-up.

I must apologize to you interwebs. It’s shamefully been almost 3 months since my last post. I had good intentions for this blog when I first started it – but like always I got distracted, busy, depressed, uninspired, blah-blah-blah. The good news is, I’ve done quite a bit in the last few months so I have lots to share with you. Here’s a teaser of some upcoming posts:

The Renaissance Affaire.

Phoenix Comicon – it’s a geek thing.

I’m so @Twitter #addicted.

I met the creator of Eureka in a bar.

Ignited by Phoenicians.

Yet another diet.

Books to change your life.

Netflix: The future of television.

Sore is spelled P-90-X.

Coffee, cookies, crafts & chain mail.

Wanted: Headphone Eater.

Designing the interwebs.

Poisoned Apple.

The day I made Wil Wheaton laugh.

Things I can’t talk about.

And of course I’ll tell the story behind the BAD ASS photo above. Oh yeah… PINK .22 cal. Oh, I KNOW you’re jealous.


Uhh –ahem– sorry about that. Pink just makes me rage.

Any-who, I hope all you tens of ones of readers accept my sincerest apologies for my inexcusable hiatus, and come back to read my bloggy-type-thing.

See you soon.

And seriously, get off my lawn.

EDIT: Has one of the above titles really peaked your interest? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll work on those posts first.



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