A slight derailment.

I’ve been a naughty blogger. Correction: I haven’t been a blogger. A crazy whirlwind of projects has had me spinning around like dust devil, and eating up what little free time I do have. But I am determined to get back on the bloggity-blog railway –one way or another.

One project I am really excited about though, is my decision to open an etsy store. I have had a ton of different ideas for a store since I graduated last May, but something kept preventing me from going through with it. It turns out I’ve been betrayed by my very own mind. So I wrote this letter. It’s now the lock page image on my iPhone so that I can read it everyday.

Hopefully that’s the last I hear from that jerk.

Anyway, etsy store, YAY! I am thinking of creating recycled (or up-cycled) designs. The plan is to find interesting treasures at the local Good Will, and transform them into something spiffy & new. Right now I am working on some dog beds made from old hard-case luggage. This isn’t an original idea —I’ve seen these before, but I’m hoping to put my own spin on them.

And then this idea popped into my head last week.

It’s a lamp made from a used wine bottle and a short string of Christmas lights. It works really well as a night light and creates a soothing ambience. Mood lighting… my favorite!

So I’ve begun collecting wine bottles… again. I actually had a great collection started, but couldn’t think of a use for them, so in the recycling bin they went. It’s a pack rat’s worst nightmare come true. But at least now I have a good excuse to have a glass of wine every night! 😉

Besides dreaming up more product for my store, I need a name too. Here’s a few I’ve been considering:

– Rectified Designs
– Attic Nouveau
– Junk Jewels

What do you think? Leave a little somethin’-somethin’ below.

Oh and I promise not to go missing for so long again.



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